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Hola, I’m Jen Lytle… owner of Tierra Yucatan. My official biography says “Jen has over 30 years experience living and traveling in Mexico. She has lived in Merida for over ten years and has helped numerous clients find both new and historic properties. Jennifer has her Texas Real Estate License and practiced real estate for 20 years in San Antonio, Texas. She is a member of AMPI, Mexico’s professional organization for realtors, and the just-forming AABRY, Yucatan’s professional organization for realtors.”

This all sounds very official, and it is. I’m proud to say that my team and I have built a thriving real estate business here in Merida over the last seven years. But there’s more to share about the Yucatan and life here than can be expressed in the property listings of Tierra Yucatan.

So, I’ve added this blog to my new, improved website so that I can talk to the hundreds of existing clients and the hundreds of new ones to come about the day-to-day things that cross my desk.  I might write about a change in nationaly policy in property ownership or a great old ruin that I happened upon in one of my adventures through the countryside of the Yucatan. Or maybe I will share a recipe or an experience or a story… quien sabe? Bookmark the Tierra Yucatan website and keep coming back to find out!


Jen Lytle

To read more about Jen’s life in Mexico, see her interview on Yucatan Living.

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