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August 2013
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Contemporary Art in Merida

Merida is lucky to have a growing and active art community, and the central location for that community is called the MACAY, the Museo Arte Contemporaneo al Yucat√°n. Housed within a very large building that used to act as the arsenal for the city, the MACAY’s entrance is from a covered passage between the museum and the main Merida cathedral on the Plaza Grande.

modern museum in Merida Yucatan MexicoOn the ground floor of the museum is the entrance, which is reached by walking through the covered passageway, itself an exhibit area for outdoor sculptures. The ground floor also has a small gift shop, children’s art workshop areas and a lovely garden with a central fountain… a great place to sit and get away from the crowds, if you need that. Some of the most interesting art is exhibited in the atrium area, where a high ceiling and skylights flood the room with light. Everything else about the MACAY is upstairs… and no, there is no elevator.

The MACAY museum has a few rooms that have installations from the permanent collection, and these rooms never change. But out of about 20 rooms, these are only three or four rooms. The rest of the museum is dedicated to showing the population of Merida new and interesting art from around the world. In the last few years, the management of this museum has stepped up their game and has begun sourcing art exhibits from around the world. Most recently, during the summer of 2013, an entire exhibit was dedicated to art from Argentina.

The MACAY changes their temporary exhibit quarterly, with an opening night open to the public at the start of each exhibit. The museum also conducts various children’s programs at different times during the year, and has a weekly local radio show (in Spanish). Installation and performance art pieces are also a part of this museum’s offerings.

Living in Merida provides many amenities, and the continually changing art exhibits at the MACAY museum are an amenity those who live here treasure greatly.

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