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January 2020
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Archive for 'Around Yucatan'

Summer… and care of your pasta tile floor!

Summertime and all that means… and the way to care for your beautiful pasta tile floors!

Always Something New in Yucatan

I’ve learned in the Yucatan, you just never know what’s around the next corner…

Enjoy A New Hacienda

Even when you have spent years in the Yucatan, you can still be surprised by what is hidden or just around the corner…

Rain Rain Rain

This has been a very wet September on the Yucatan Peninsula. Those of us who live here welcome the rain…

Swimming Bacalar

A little bit about swimming in the blue blue waters of Bacalar…

Summer Rains

Summer rains in the Yucatan are a special treat that those of us who live here wait for all year…

China Comes to Yucatan

The State of Yucatan was the only place outside of Mexico City visited this week by Xi Jinping, the President of China…

Spring in the Yucatan

Spring in the Yucatan is often hot and dry. This year, spring started differently, with two violent storms that left us with delightful evenings…

Yucatan, A World Apart

As 2011 draws to an end, here at Tierra Yucatan we find that we have much to be thankful for…

In The Time of the Butterflies

The rainy season in the Yucatan is not what you might think. The rains bring welcome relief from the heat, and the countryside is full of butterflies…