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September 2013
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Rain Rain Rain

Rain, rain and more rain! This has been one wet September. Everything is green and lush, butterflies fill the air and we are so fortunate here in Yucatan! We get to enjoy all this beauty, and we’re safe too. While much of Central Mexico has experienced flooding, we have no such worries in Yucatan.

The Yucatan Peninsula is one big limestone shelf, shot through with holes like a big English muffin. The entire peninsula stays dry despite the torrential rains. The water soaks into the limestone and there are no rivers above ground here. Underground, the water is everywhere and we have a wonderland to explore… underground lakes and rivers of clear, Cenote in Yucatan Mexicounpolluted transparent water, always at an even temperature (in the high 70′s F). These cenotes (pronounced suh-NO-tays) are now famous with cave divers from around the world. Our hundreds of cenotes are an attraction for all visitors, as many of them are now prepared with easy access and facilities for you to spend the day with your family. As the Maya have known for centuries, a cenote is a cool getaway when the weather heats up.

So we can look at all this rain as a way to keep the cenotes filled with water from the heavens. And the rain has another blessing: cool evenings to enjoy a walk or dinner al fresco.

Nighttime temperature lows this week have been 66 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s pretty close to perfect evening weather for enjoying Merida and any of the hundreds of small towns on the Yucatan Peninsula.