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April 2010
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Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to Tierra Yucatan, the real estate agency offering the best selection of real estate in Yucatan, Mexico and the city of Merida!

There’s nothing new about the wide array of rare and unique properties and the properties of exceptional value… all of which can still be found on our website.  The front page now highlights some of the incredible luxury properties in our collection. Of course, it is still easy to browse our entire inventory by clicking the links on the left. Either click on “All Properties” to see every last one of them, or click on the various categories to see just Beach Homes, for instance. Or just Haciendas & Ranches.

Maybe you are looking for an inexpensive retirement home or winter getaway… try looking at “Newer Neighborhoods” for more modern homes at very reasonable prices.  Or if you want to start or take over a business here in Merida, check out our “Commercial Properties” category, with listings on everything from warehouses to coffee shops to bed & breakfasts.

Are you looking for a Vacation Rental? We have listings of both long-term and short-term rentals, in Merida, in the surrounding Yucatan Peninsula and even a few in the state of Chiapas. Vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels and a wonderful way to “try before you buy” and buy your own home in Merida.

For a more specific search, go to “Property Search” on the right hand side of the page. Click on “Property Search” and there you’ll have a very detailed way of searching for the home or land that you want to buy. You can specify everything from number of bedrooms to type of water system, allowing you to just look at the listings that really interest you.

Just below that, there’s a link called Contact Us. Each Tierra Yucatan real estate agent is listed here, along with their photo, some background on them, and their contact information. Contact our office on Calle 66 in the Centro (address and phone at the bottom of every page), or just email or phone one of our agents directly.

For information about buying real estate in Mexico or detailed information about Merida and the Yucatan, explore the other links on the right. We give you a brief synopsis of the buying and selling processes here in Mexico, as well as some helpful links to other Yucatan websites and a list of some of our preferred hotels and other accommodations in the area. If that doesn’t answer your questions, perhaps our FAQ page with a list of the frequently asked questions will help.

Further down on the right, there’s a link to our Facebook page. We encourage you to check it out and sign up to “like” it and “follow” it… as we get new noteworthy listings, we’ll be sending some of the information to our Facebook friends. Be sure to become a Facebook friend so you can find out about properties as they come on the market!

Did we mention that on the first page of the website, you can not only check the Merida weather, but you can read rotating testimonials from an ever-growing list of happy customers.

Below that, you can read excerpts from the last three posts on this blog, too, for new and timely information not only on new properties, but also on general real-estate related news and events here in the Yucatan.

Did we mention videos? Tierra Yucatan has our own YouTube channel, and we have some of our Houses of Merida videos there, as well as a growing number of videos made of the houses we represent that are for sale and rent.

There’s more that has been upgraded on the new Tierra Yucatan website! When you click on “More…” to see a property, the property page that you come to has a wealth of information about that particular offering. Not only is there a detailed description, but now there are “Print” and “Share” buttons so you can print out the properties you like (and want to see on your trip to Merida) or click on the “Share” button and send an email to a friend with the property information and link included. The “Share” button also allows you to bookmark the page if you want, or share it on Facebook, Digg, put it on your Amazon Wish List and a million (it seems!) other places. Try it out!

Our photo gallery on each property page now allows for larger photos of various dimensions, so now we can show you photos of just how high that ceiling really is! And each property’s Google Map shows you where in Merida the property is for your reference.

Oh, and don’t forget… you can see the entire website in Spanish too! Just click under the phone number at the top of each page.

Last but not least is this blog… a place for us to notify you of new listings and talk about what’s new and happening now in the real estate world of Merida and the Yucatan. Each blog post allows for comments, and we welcome your participation and interest.

We worked hard to improve our website without losing the benefit of easy navigation and a clean look. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing from you