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August 2010
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Sisal Developments

Municipal authorities have plans for a major program to promote tourism along the western Yucatan coast, to both Sisal and Celestun, including cultural and recreational activities for visitors.  Pointing out that Sisal was historically the first port of entry into Yucatan, Director of Culture Arturo Sosa Ortiz added that these plans are already underway, including a project to restore the colonial monuments and another to restore the old lighthouse of Sisal, where a museum is planned.

Sosa Ortiz mentioned that Sisal and Celestun are not areas well known to local visitors, but a larger proportion of foreign residents and visitors may be more familiar with these pueblos, as many of them live and vacation in the two communities.  Canadians, for example, come for duck hunting to these areas between October 15 and February 28th.

“ This is an important source of income for the port, for the shopkeepers and for the tourist guides.  In second place is the arrival of Europeans who build winter homes in the area to escape bitter weather at home.”

Sosa Ortiz commented that about 150 extranjeros (foreigners) now reside in the area. In addition, a growing cadre of Canadians who have rented in the past are beginning to buy homes in Sisal.

One of the principal problems that will first be addressed is garbage disposal and to that end, very shortly a new sanitary landfill will be ready.   Incentive programs have been introduced to create a community consciousness of the need for cleanliness. For example, the collection plastic and glass bottles is now being encouraged. Until just recently, there had been nowhere to deposit them.  This problem should be fixed this month in August 2010 when the new sanitary landfill is begun, just off the road between Hunucma and Sisal.

“We have $30 million pesos to spend, but the ejidetarios, the owners of the land, still have not reached agreement.”

Well, this sounds like a step in the right direction. We hope we’ll hear about a recycling program for those plastic and glass bottles, and we look forward to seeing what happens and will keep you updated as we find out more!